Free PDF to Flash Magazine is a powerful creator which helps you to convert PDF file to editable flash magazine .swf) with animated effect simply. With Flip PDF, everyone can easily publish interactive and impressive flash magazines which offer lots of benefits. This tutorial will show you how to utilize Flip PDF to create a flash magazine from PDF step by step.

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An explanation on how to insert flash files into a PDF, convert Flash to PDF. aXmag - a stunning page turner eBook creator, converts PDF to e magazine, eBook, e catalog, e brochure, HTML5 magazine, PDF to flash. AnyFlip is the very digital magazine software which can turn PDF reading into interactive reading experience with page flipping flash magazine.

Then readers can open your attachment directly when reading the book.

This feature is really helpful when your book is released for learners and they need more study materials. Thirdly, apply and define different Transition Effects to each page.

There are 39 transition effects for you to choose from. Each page of your book can be showed in unique effect. Your published flash magazine will display as cool presentation.

But it will be much more attractive than a normal presentation. Audio narrations can enhance a self-running slide show. You can use Free PDF to Flash Magazine to achieve a meeting, so that presenters or absentees can review the presentation later and hear any comments made during the presentation.

You can either record a narration before you create a flash magazine or record a narration during a flash magazine. In that case, using some desktop digital magazine software like XFlip Professional would be better because desktop applications usually have more powerful features.

By clicking the button from Getting Started page or clicking Import Files button on the top menu to import the files. Then you will come to the importing window where you can define the page ranges, and you can also do quickly import for inital preview. There're 4 options of page rages: a.

All : Means importing all pages of your file, b. Odd : Means importing odd pages of your file, c. Even : Means importing even pages of your file, d.

Custom: Just import some of them. For example, if you enter '1,3,6', means you only want to import page 1, 3 and 6. If you enter '', means you want to import from page 7 to page Step 3 - Edit flipping pages By clicking the "Design" button on the top of the interface, you can insert hyperlink, text, image, hotspot, SWF, video You Tube video included , and sound to the output magazine's pages.AnyFlip save them the trouble to go to another webpage which is very satisfactory shopping experience.

The publication will be moved to the paid section and you can make changes or replace the file for 8 days You may change the font and characters of the welcome message by changing the HTML codes; To learn more about using HTML tags, see the image below: Below the welcome message you can insert your company logo or a photo, which you can turn into a hyperlink leading directly to you website.

You can track the status in the Management Module.

The status will change from "Processing" to trial or free. The only site that I found that was able to do that easily and well was Yumpu. You can preview flash magazine before publishing and then output in different formats for online or offline use.